Status Updates

January, 2021

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January 15, 2021


Last week, the team released Daedalus v. 3.1.0 and continued implementing new features, including a tile view on the Delegation Center screen, a configurable SMASH URL option, and address verification for hardware wallets.


This week, the Adrestia team focused on final preparations for the upcoming Mary hardfork, which included adding multi-asset features into the wallet, API upgrading, designing multisig with token locking, and preparing for the integration of the wallet with the multisig coordination server.


This week, the team tallied Project Catalyst votes and improved voter tools to support stake keys and voter rewards extraction, which is based on total available rewards and the voting power percentage of the stake address.


Last week, the team reviewed the Alonzo specification (Plutus development) for the new ledger rules, and generalized the protocol parameters update mechanism in preparation for further Voltaire implementations.

Finally, the team optimized some Mary parameters to reduce the minimum ada amount required for UTxO and finalized running Mary property tests.


Last week, the Plutus team refactored the JSON encoding in the Plutus Playground trace and updated the encoding of constants. They spent time investigating emulator performance improvements, updated some error codes, and also upgraded various Nix packages.

The Marlowe team split out the simulator from the Marlowe editor, so that there is greater flexibility to use elements independently, for example, using the simulator directly with Blockly. They also fixed an issue with the Webpack configuration for local development, which is used when opening and saving Gists, and worked on QuickCheck generators for ACTUS.