Status Update

August 13, 2021

Status Updates (August, 2021) > August 13, 2021


This week, the team released Daedalus mainnet v.4.2.1, which includes updated dates for the Catalyst Fund6 voting registration, and continued implementing support for the Alonzo hard fork.


This week, the team continued working on Alonzo/Plutus-related changes. Specifically, they updated all Cardano components to work with the Alonzo Purple node, which allows exchanges to start testing, released a new wallet backend, and finalized new transition APIs to enable Plutus Application Backend (PAB) integration.

Finally, GraphQL and Rosetta upgrades are in final quality testing, and the team continues working on changes required for smart contracts.


This week, the team worked on connection manager test fixes and resolved identity transition and architecture issues. They continued working on the diffusion E2E test by setting up mini-protocol handlers for the testing node, and finalized the refactoring of typed-protocol packages. Finally, the team continues working on simulations.


This week, the team continued working on the implementation of Alonzo rules with the ledger and made changes to the Alonzo specification. They also worked on the new stake pool ranking, taking into account myopic return on sales (ROS) and saturation ROS, continued fixing some Alonzo issues, and made progress getting the ledger events available to be exposed by consensus.


This week, the Plutus team made updates to cost parameters in line with the parameter documentation. They also completed some PAB updates to the internal state with transactions from the Alonzo node and worked on support for command line arguments, as well as documentation updates.

The Marlowe team continued work on some adjustments to the ACTUS test framework. They also updated the Marlowe Playground frontend URL for production and continued work on design updates.