Status Update

September 10, 2021

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This week, the team focused on fixing hardware wallet issues in preparation for the Alonzo-ready Daedalus release.


This week, the team resolved an issue that occurred when submitting a transaction in Daedalus using a hardware wallet. An update for cardano-wallet including this fix has been released. They also released an update for the metadata tools to support Plutus scripts.

Finally, the team is now working on changes required for smart contracts and PAB integration.


This week, the team made progress in testing the connection pruning. They also fixed several network issues within the simulation environment and expanded trace validation of inbound governor tests. The team is now preparing to rebase the P2P branch on top of master before the Alonzo mainnet hard fork.


This week, the team submitted the Alonzo hard fork update proposal, which will take effect at 21:44:51 UTC on September 12th, bringing Alonzo to mainnet.

The team also resumed working on flakes for the GraphQL stack, integrated newly released ERC20 converter versions, and continued some other infrastructure provisioning.


This week, the team worked on Alonzo benchmarking activities. They delivered benchmarks for node v.1.29, which proved no significant performance regression since node v.1.27. In addition, hard fork simulations showed no resource usage regressions. The team discussed relevant Plutus workload activities.

The team also enhanced trace generator performance, found a UTXO missing witness issue that is now being resolved, and also made some internal cleanups.

The team progressed on the node logging infrastructure rewrite and started the trace-dispatcher review and testing. They tested multi-threaded traces and runtime reconfiguration, refactored and simplified the Cardano tracer based on review suggestions, and started implementing the initialization case for trace-forward queue management.

Work is ongoing within the RTView, which the team started porting to the Cardano tracer.

Finally, they began working on the analysis improvements within the benchmarking infrastructure to enhance block boundary resource usage statistics in Marlowe Run and connection to the PAB.


This week, the Plutus team resolved some synchronization problems and updated the chain index with more enhancements. They also analyzed the costing and sizing of Plutus scripts and made some general performance improvements. Finally, they updated the Plutus documentation and tutorials.

The Marlowe team continued working on annuity (ANN) implementation, validated negative amortizer (NAM) properties, and made some refactorings. They also reviewed Marlowe documentation, recorded videos for the Marlowe website, and automated some staging deployments. Finally, the team set up analytics for the Marlowe Run website.