Status Update

July 31, 2020

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This week the team launched a feature-complete wallet with Daedalus integration and released the Graphql and Rest APIs (both read and write functions).

Also, they confirmed that 10 of the 15 top exchanges are currently integrating with the Adrestia toolset. The team expects that most exchanges will have migrated before the end of the week.


This week the team made progress on DeltaQ integration with block fetch applications. They also merged the tip-sample protocol and made progress on its data-application functionality for the peer-to-peer governor, and choosing which warm peer to promote to a hot one.


The team worked on the Shelley hard fork on testnet and mainnet.


This week the team worked with tests to remove questionable aliases. They also audited and updated the formal specification to remove redundant maps, checked the code to reveal performance problems, and changed the reward pot overflow to go to reserves instead of the treasury. A failure in the property test was tracked and fixed.

Finally, the team worked on mc3 and added the tracking feature to monitor the hard fork process. They measured the Shelley ledger and successfully tested lowering the d parameter for the hard fork release.


This week the team worked on structured logging and fixed the token show instance to respect HEX encoding and Unicode. They also learned how to use the Sphinx site for the tutorial in the Plutus Playground.

The Marlowe team improved the execution of Marlowe contracts. Finally, the Goguen and Marlowe teams were involved in defining documentation requirements for the next release with the technical writing team to scope and prioritize documentation deliverables.