Status Update

August 7, 2020

Status Updates (August, 2020) > August 7, 2020


The team worked on new Daedalus 2.0.0 wallet features supporting stake pool ranking and delegation. The team introduced Shelley-compatible wallets with improved security and a delegation center that now shows Cardano epoch details and delegation preferences for each wallet. The wallet delegation wizard now reflects the stake pool’s ranking option, which orders attractive pools from the top down, and helps to choose the desired stake pool.



The team finalized SMASH integration and improved the stake pool listing feature with a safety guard that prevents users from delegating to retiring pools. They also facilitated ITN rewards redemption for API clients, which simplifies rewards withdrawal from an ITN stake address.

Finally, the team ran tests to ensure a smooth upgrade from Byron to Shelley after the hard fork, improved the time interpreter errors, and fixed several small issues.


The team re-organized the repository and split the main address package into two packages, which allows library authors better use of the main package without specific dependencies.


The team upgraded cardano-rest to support the Shelley hard-fork and fixed a number of bugs.


Last week the team contributed to the Shelley hard fork release, made progress on the tip-sample application, and performed measurements based on the keep-alive protocol.


Last week the team extensively worked to update Cardano mainnet and testnet for the Shelley release. They created 20 Input Output Global pools on the mainnet, supported 2 Daedalus wallet releases, and prepared to update the d parameter reduction proposal.

Finally, they fixed and tested cardano-rest bugs that occurred in the middle of the first epoch on a long epoch cluster.


The team fixed the block size hint included in the block header (#2480), and made Qry showable to simplify the debugging process. Finally, they profiled performance and memory functionality.


The team implemented the node server, added documentation explaining saturated versus unsaturated built-ins and type checking, and also addressed comments on the multicurrency paper.

The Marlowe team made updates to the Marlowe editor to simplify values and removed the parseContract call. Finally, they worked on the Actus integration in Blockly and wrote specifications for static analysis using Isabelle.