Status Update

August 14, 2020

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Last week the team introduced new Daedalus 2.1.0 features supporting ITN rewards redemption and spending. Users can now redeem ITN rewards into a Shelley wallet that can automatically spend these rewards when transactions occur.


Last week, the team focused on addressing known issues and performance bottlenecks in the cardano-wallet and cardano-rest APIs. They also worked on some housekeeping tasks and removed Byron-specific code, since the Byron era is now over.'


Last week the team supported the Shelley hard fork event and continued making progress on the tip-sample application, which is now in review. They conducted more measurements based on the keep-alive protocol.


The team deployed version 1.18.1 of the node and moved the d parameter to 0.9 on mainnet.


Last week the team assisted in profiling and optimizing the Cardano ledger validation process. They prepared for the following hard fork and solved technical issues and bugs. The team also evaluated performance against mainnet candidate 4 and formatted the Prometheus backend's output to JSON.


Last week the team improved the blockchain slot display to reflect clickable elements. They also integrated the type level property-based testing into Plutus Core, and refactored the rendering code for better formatting of active endpoint hooks.

The Marlowe team completed refactoring work in the Marlowe Playground, which modularized the Haskell editor and removed the simulation component. They also added URL routing to the Marlowe Playground for a number of URL routes (#/simulation, #/haskell, #/blockly and #/wallets) to direct to respective views. This lays the foundation for more complex routes in the future and means that users can now bookmark a page.