Status Update

August 21, 2020

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The team were busy working on the Daedalus 2.2.0 release.



The team worked on housekeeping of the stake pool management feature and resolved issues that occurred following the hard fork. They also addressed performance issues reported by both exchanges and stake pool operators.


Last week the team implemented support for the creation and inspection of Cardano stake addresses.


The team worked on an early integration of the peer-to-peer governor with the node, which will promote or demote peers between cold, warm, and hot states to fit required quotas. They also integrated a connection manager with the node to handle bi-directional connections, and communicate with the governor to promote or demote peers.


Last week the team automated some of their testing processes using Selenium, and interactive RTView web application driver. They also implemented tx-gen into IOSim to simulate a virtual clock function while testing and cross compiled cardano-rt-view-service to the Windows executable. Finally, they collaborated with the technical writing team for documentation improvements.


Last week the Plutus team added logging features to contracts. They also worked on documentation for cost model notes, and updated the smart contract backend to improve contract headings display streaming updates via websockets.

The Marlowe team were busy integrating the Actus Blockly Labs. They also made improvements to error messages to reflect 'unexpected' error and also include details for how to raise an issue on GitHub.