Status Update

December 4, 2020

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Last week, the Daedalus team worked on implementing support for Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X devices in Daedalus Flight, which was delivered in the Daedalus 3.0.0-FC2 and 3.0.0-FC3 releases.


Last week, the Adrestia team continued working to implement token locking support in the new Allegra node.

The team also made several Allegra-related updates: wallet to node v. 1.24, Graphql for db-sync to v. 7.0, and Rest for db-sync to v. 7.0.

Finally, the team released Rosetta v. 1.0, fixed some minor performance issues on large wallets, and worked on multi-asset support for the wallet.


Last week, the networking team added LocalSocket, FileDescriptor wrappers (PRs #2772 & #2777), worked on connection manager spec & implementation, and also worked on on-chain roots.

The team also fixed thread handling in cardano-node (PR #2135), helped with logging in diffusion (PR #2770), and worked on cardano-cli and the new development themes (Allegra and Mary).

Finally, the team worked on DeltaQ and provided feedback for various connection manager specification ideas/questions.


Last week, the team neared completion of the Catalyst vote registration tool, and also implemented automated backups of the Jormungandr chain and health checks for Catalyst.

The team also delivered multiple Daedalus releases, updated news feeds, and created a new Allegra integration environment for exchanges and others for testing the upcoming hard fork and new features.

It was a busy week for DEVOPS, as they also worked on scripts to use a wallet root key as an owner for a pool, and scripts to use Trezor and Ledger devices with future (unreleased) firmware as an owner for a pool.

Finally, they worked on deployment and testing the upcoming release of db-sync v. 7.0.0, which will enable db-sync to cross the Mary hard fork, they deployed the k parameter update to 500 to the mainnet, prepared the environment for public testing of the multi-asset functionality, and fixed an issue with udev trust for the Linux hardware wallet release of Daedalus.


Last week, the cardano-node changes for K=1000 were updated to the latest version of the node, and one of the three constituent PRs was merged. The transaction generator was also updated to the latest version of the node, and a small extension to cardano-api that supports the generator has been developed and merged.

The team also worked on logging infrastructure. They added continuous integration for iohk-monitoring-framework for macOS and Windows, and also added to the node a Prometheus metric for node start time. This replaces the uptime metric.

Finally, the team introduced a series of user-facing improvements for cardano-rt-view-0.2.0, finished testing the Shelley-to-Allegra hard fork (#2641), and will now start working on the Byron-to-Shelley-to-Allegra process.


Last week, the Plutus team added some applied validators and monetary policy scripts to the emulated node event log and worked on plutus-use-cases scripts. They also added a rate reset filter for static contracts and began work on an initial proposal document for extended bytestring builtins.

The Marlowe team fixed an infinite loop problem with the JavaScript editor and spent time reorganizing the web common code - the Chain.Eval element was renamed to Chain.State, and the common Gists module was split into types and views. They also implemented automatic contract execution for the simple Marlow deposit and timeout continue contracts.