Status Update

February 12, 2021

Status Updates (February, 2021) > February 12, 2021


Last week, the team continued integrating the native tokens user interface, introduced refinements for the hardware wallet, and improved the UI/UX. They also re-enabled the import feature for the Byron wallet, and worked on the deposit amount feature in Transaction Details and Delegation Wizard.


This week, the team focused their work on updating APIs to support integration with the native tokens metadata submission server. Specifically, they worked on designing the MVP solution for the integration of cardano-wallet and GraphQL with the server.

Also, the team continued developing two multisig features: adjustment of the cardano-wallet codebase to be compliant with cardano-addresses 3.2.0, and the design of the endpoint for creating address with script.

Finally, the team fixed known issues with the pre-release version of cardano-wallet.


Last week, the team continued developing the P2P functionality, reviewed the P2P governor changes, ran simulation tests, and added inbound governor state machine details to the specification.

They also outlined the P2P delivery plan and worked on bug fixes and performance counters to measure response time for the chain-sync protocol.


This week, the DevOps team tested the Catalyst application, worked on the multi-asset support for the Testnet faucet, and added a metadata validation tool to the CI.


Last week, the team completed transactions per second (TPS) performance benchmarking across various development themes. They continued working on Allegra performance properties, transaction generator benchmarking, and node cluster infrastructure improvements in preparation for the Mary mainnet upgrade. Work is ongoing on the new trace-dispatcher machinery design for the Cardano node.

Finally, the team abstracted some Alonzo protocol parameters to be modified between different development themes, added the Alonzo TxWitness feature, and prepared for further computation property testing within Alonzo and Voltaire-related activities.


Last week, the Plutus team added scripts that simplify working with the pass function, including a newly added explanation section in README. They also added a new auction contract to the suite of contracts, and a Notify Placeholder value to the plutus-contract.

The Marlowe team completed refactoring work on Blockly and updated some ACTUS articles. Additionally, they began working on basic infrastructure to deploy the Marlowe Dashboard to the web.