Status Update

March 19, 2021

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This week, the team released Daedalus version 4.0.2-FC3, which introduces native token support for hardware wallets, and enables users to view their hardware wallet public keys and spent reward balances.

The team also worked on transaction history CSV export improvements, enabled a local-cluster development environment, and added a feature of pasting wallet recovery phrases.

Finally, the team worked on a new screen informing that Cardano is fully decentralized.


This week, the Adrestia team continued working on post-Mary hard fork improvements and hotfixes.

Specifically, they focused on CI and test suite improvements to make QA easier, faster, and better. They also continued developing multisig features, and implemented some bug fixes and quality improvements.


This week, the team continued working on the P2P functionality, connection manager testing, and peer connection establishment. They also fixed some timeout properties in the Handshake protocol.


This week, the team tested and deployed node version 1.26.0, converted KEVM deployment tools not to require a custom Docker container, and made some metadata server improvements.

Finally, the team started implementing a slot attribute for Project Catalyst to enable metadata hashing prior to signing.


This week, the team started node benchmarking activities by implementing a deployment update, and isolating and fixing some networking issues. They continued working on the node logging design: implemented and examined the EKG metric forwarding package, completed inline documentation for the trace-forwarder, and started its integration with the node.

The team also made progress with the local-cluster and other AWS deployment improvements, merged JSON-based transaction generator scripts, and started extending the scripting machinery to allow expressing cross-era transitions.

Finally, work is ongoing in preparation for the Alonzo development update, which involves Nix configuration changes to progress with Alonzo stub types.


This week, the Plutus team added support for non-UTF-8 token names, edited the plutus-use-cases module names to make them more concise, and added a slot to datetime converters.

The Marlowe team refactored the Marlowe.Extended module into separate modules and added metadata to the Marlowe editor in the Marlowe Playground. They also worked on the contract template library and Marlowe Suite user interface elements.