Status Update

May 7, 2021

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This week, the team updated some Daedalus dependencies on cardano-wallet and cardano-node, and displayed the wallet name within the wallet dialog section. They also updated Catalyst voting transaction metadata and added Ledger hardware wallet support for voting registration.


This week, the team worked on scaling the ledger stake distribution using square roots, which simplified getting downstream peers for smaller stake pools, and implemented the new connection feature, which is based on stake distribution. They also ran server tests in the simulator, made progress on io-sim by implementing partial order reduction in the ST monad, and introduced some Eq constraints for TVars.

The team also made progress on DNS resolution and configuration reloading for the SIGHUP signal, continued testing the P2P governor, and fixed some issues within the governor and the multiplexer simulation environment.

Finally, the team updated networking CDDL specifications by adding details regarding node-to-node, handshake node-to-client, tx-submision-v2, and keep-alive protocols. They updated test architecture, reviewed networking technical reports, and fixed links to redirect to Haddock documentation instead of the code samples.


This week, the team deployed node version 1.27 and tested Nix flakes before integrating them with cardano-db-sync. They also worked on Nomad Bitte cluster for stake pools, integrated configuration changes for P2P testing, and updated the Mac build image to Catalina to support new Catalyst iOS builds.

Finally, the team integrated GlusterFS storage with Bitte and Catalyst Fund4 repositories.


This week, the team worked on documentation to support migration of tracing and benchmarking components into the node, and continued working on cluster run management.

They finalized consensus tracer migrations, started working on networking tracers, and worked on the prototype design of configurations within the trace dispatcher. The team migrated the trace-forwarder from ReqResp scheme to a more efficient blocking and non-blocking scheme used in the node-to-node transaction submission protocol.

The team continued working within the transaction generator stream focusing on the design of the wallet abstraction, integration of Marlowe Run front and back ends, and finalization of Marlowe Run contract examples. They also fixed some bugs and performed testing integration for Actus implementation.

Finally, the team did refactoring works for cardano-graphql to introduce cardano-ogmios, which optimizes asset handling, metadata fetching, and removes programmatic dependency on cardano-cli.


This week, the Plutus team made improvements to the database schema, including updates to some queries, and also added events for starting and stopping instances. Also, they resolved some odd behavior from the overlaps function and worked on some debugging.

The Marlowe team updated some frontend dependencies and worked on some basic formatting for metadata. They also worked on the new Marlowe website and made some user interface improvements to the Marlowe Run prototype.