Status Update

June 18, 2021

Status Updates (June, 2021) > June 18, 2021


This week, the team finished implementing the new, expanded native tokens view on the wallet’s 'Summary' screen and the new detailed view of the earned rewards history with per-epoch breakdown.

The team also continued working on Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet support for Project Catalyst voting registration, and are currently working to resolve the failure issue that occurs when sending a large number of native tokens from Ledger wallets.

Finally, work is still ongoing on Electron updates and the export of shared ICO keys feature.


This week, the team updated cardano-wallet to enable compatibility with node v1.27, released Bech32 v1.1.1, and updated cardano-graphql to the most recent version of DB Sync. The team also continued working on transaction signing and payment APIs, address derivation features, multi-stake-keys for the portfolio manager, and relevant simulations.

The team is now working on the consolidation and streamlining of APIs for building transactions that will enable Alonzo/Plutus features, and on a token minting/burning feature.

Finally, they are investigating an issue with CI, and have completed the development of a solution that allows fetching a key on any derivation path.


This week, the team continued working on P2P testnet functionality, including switching between P2P and non-P2P networks, diagnosis of deadlock events in the connection manager, enhanced connection shutdown properties, and strict TVar interface.

The team also continued working on the cardano-cli API and made progress on scheduling policies and io-sim-based server testing.


This week, the team worked on the Alonzo Blue parameters setup in terms of smart contract functionality. They also worked on Nix builds and Nomad tasks for ERC20 converter services, and are currently working on the explorer solution based on Traefik, which enables upgrading two explorer instances independently.


This week, the team worked on Nix properties and exported the variable compiler-nix-name in Nix so that the same GHC version can be reused in different projects. They integrated the cardano-repo-tool with the nix-shell development environment, upgraded the logging-version of the iohk-monitoring, and added missing dependencies to the cardano-api. The team also worked on transaction properties and enabled optional TxInType usage to convert different transaction types.


This week, the Plutus team enhanced the game contract example (in the Plutus Playground) by adding logs and applying the validator function in the off-chain part of the code before submitting a transaction. They also improved the serialization format for scripts and added a trace and associated scripts for the uniswap contract. Finally, they reorganized the wallet API to handle client-side wallet API errors.

The team continued working on the Alonzo node and deployed the first "Hello, world" script. They are also reducing the use of row-types in Plutus contracts, and are working on the replacement of Eventful with Beam.

The Marlowe team worked on changes to the timeouts for contracts to give users more time and flexibility. They also resolved a scrolling display bug in the flow of contract cards.

Finally, the team added some property-based tests for the example contracts, and the documentation team worked on FAQ content for the Marlowe website.