Status Update

July 9, 2021

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This week, the team worked on the Daedalus 4.2.0 release, which improves native token functionality and enables exporting the wallet's multi-signature public key introduced in Daedalus Flight 4.2.0-FC1. They also implemented Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet support for the Catalyst Fund5 voting registration.


This week, the team remained focused on Alonzo/Plutus core features.

Specifically, they solved an urgent problem with using hardware wallets for Catalyst voting Fund5, continued working on streamlining cardano-wallet transaction APIs to enable Alonzo/Plutus features, and began updating the cardano-wallet to the Alonzo Node.

They also wrapped up updating the coin selection algorithm to incorporate minting and burning, updated the cardano-rosetta API to support DB Sync 10.0, and performed migration tests of the multi-asset cardano-rosetta to the mainnet, to enable further testing of rosetta updates.


This week, the team completed the integration of the P2P switch feature, which allows SPOs to run a node either in P2P mode or with statically configured peers. They worked on error notifications when supplying a wrong topology file, improved logging JSON instances, and made improvements to the cardano-node p2p-master branch.

Finally, the team worked on open issues and continued enhancing the multi-node simulation test for the inbound governor and the connection manager.


This week, the team prepared for the Alonzo White upgrade and implemented support for the Catalyst mobile voting application. They also worked on the ERC20 testnet support in preparation for the upcoming release.


This week, the team worked on cardano-graphql improvements, including transaction submission error handling, the asset sorting capability, and filtering transaction outputs by index. The team also fixed some issues with asset fingerprints related to the absence of the assetName, and performed testing using CIP14 test vectors.

Finally, they replaced the Cardano node and Ogmios services in the stack with the new combined cardano-node-ogmios image, and updated the locally-managed Cardano configuration sub-module.


This week, the team have been preparing for the Alonzo White release in terms of chain synchronization rate-limiting and mempool properties. The Alonzo White rollout program is in progress, as is the onboarding of new SPOs and developers to join it. The team has also spun up the new Alonzo White network and faucet to start growing the user base and shared a more detailed update on LinkedIn.

The Plutus team added protocol versioning to the node client and updated the validation benchmarks to the new flat format. They also worked on some documentation for the Plutus Application Backend (PAB) to explain the process of deployment.

The Marlowe team were busy implementing the outline of the new design work for the Marlowe Playground and added a hint widget. They also extended the InputField to include number inputs (using NumberFormat) and worked on error handling and documentation.