Status Update

October 1, 2021

Status Updates (October, 2021) > October 1, 2021


This week, the team worked on the preparation for the Daedalus testnet 4.3.2 release, which includes cardano-wallet and cardano-node updates. They also continued implementing the dedicated native tokens screen and investigating the Cardano node slow startup issue.


This week, the team has been focused on the integration between the wallet backend and the Plutus Application Backend (PAB).

This work involved many elements, including the introduction of new Plutus transaction balancing and signing endpoints, adjusting the coin selection algorithm, determining the contract execution cost in transaction fee, collaterals, and handling datums attached to TxOuts.

Also, the Adrestia team has updated the wallet backend to a version ready to support upcoming hard forks, and they're currently updating Rosetta and GraphQL for the same purpose. New releases are expected to be ready in early October.

Finally, the team are designing a new GraphQL component to support the Lightwallet, and are also working on some improvements and bug fixing in the database layer of the cardano-wallet.


This week, the team identified and fixed some bugs within the OSX kernel and the cardano-ping connection protocol. They also prepared pruning tests as well as a series of pull requests to be merged into the P2P master branch. The team is now reviewing the connection manager specification and continues working on identifying and prioritizing testing issues.


This week, the team worked on the node v.1.30.1 release along with hard fork testing and further planning. They also made some improvements to Bitte CI in terms of automated testing, worked on the Ministry of Education (MOE) deployments, and made some improvements within the ERC20 converter deployment.


This week, the team worked on the benchmarking of the node v.1.30 release tags, resolved the missing transaction witness issue, and also made some transaction generator updates and integration into the workbench.

They continued working on the node logging infrastructure rewrite reviewing the trace-dispatcher and trace-forward queue management, also rebasing and updating node integration fixes. The team also started implementing the node memory usage measurement benchmark.

Work is ongoing on shell scripts for withdrawing and certifying Plutus scripts; the team also inspected mainnet configuration files, fixed some serialization AssetName issues, and resolved cardano-cli transaction view deserialization error.

Finally, they updated and tested query tips to use new GetChainBlockNo and GetChainPoint local state queries.


This week, the Plutus team upgraded all dependencies to use node version 1.30. They performed testing of the Plutus Application Backend for a restart scenario and worked on benchmarking. They also published documentation on how to configure the node to connect to any testnet.

The Marlowe team worked on the Marlowe Run demo ahead of its launch at the Cardano Summit 2021 last weekend. The documentation team published some supporting Marlowe Run topics. The team also performed some more refactoring on the ACTUS contracts.