Status Update

October 22, 2021

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This week, the team released Daedalus v.4.4.0 and Daedalus v.4.4.1, bringing support for the upcoming Cardano maintenance release. These include integrations with the latest versions of the cardano-node and the cardano-wallet, a dedicated tokens screen, an updated Electron version, and the possibility to unpair a hardware wallet.


This week, the Adrestia team remained focused on the integration of the wallet backend with the Plutus Application Backend (PAB).

Specifically, they worked on end-to-end testing, better test coverage and optimization of the fee calculation. They also started designing a new endpoint to provide details about unbalanced transactions for Daedalus users.

Finally, the team are working on designing a new GraphQL component to support light wallets, the provision of the stake pool desirability scores and pledge status, resolving some blocking issues in the node and ledger, and general bug-fixing.


This week, the team continued testing the connection manager and outbound governor counters. They also worked on the implementation of IPv6 support, inspected block delay metrics in the Cardano node, and reviewed and updated the P2P master branch in GitHub.


This week, the team worked on the preparation for the October maintenance upgrade, which will take place today at 21:44:51 UTC – at the beginning of Epoch 298. This upgrade contains some changes so SPOs and exchanges have been updating their nodes to v.1.30.1.


This week, the team continued working on the ledger state memory usage and made more in-memory data structure experiments. They also reviewed Cardano DB Sync, made some minor improvements for better performance, and continued working on the separation of the TPraos protocol from the ledger code.

The team fixed some documentation issues with regard to asset names, inspected Windows build issues on GitHub CI, and worked on the Cardano API tests to remove some unnecessary functions and reformat imports. They also investigated cardano-submit-api timeout issues when the mempool is full, and made progress including certifying and withdrawing scripts into CI.


This week, the Plutus team made some improvements to the local Plutus Playground setup and warning messages. They also continued work on coverage checking for QuickCheck tests and updated public key hashes in the emulator wallet. Finally, they reorganized some of the Plutus repositories.

The Marlowe team was busy working on internal Plutus training, updated dependencies to Purescript v.0.14, and worked on different enhancements in the Plutus repository. They also implemented stock, options, and futures contracts and the arbitrary size integer (de)serialization in Plutus.