Status Update

January 14, 2022

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This week, the team finalized work on regression tests in preparation for the Daedalus v.4.7.0 release, and ran test builds using the new cardano-node v.1.33 ahead of the Flight v.4.8.0-FC release. The team also made progress on features such as staking reward history, RTS Flags settings for slow machines, and analytics tracking.


This week, the team prepared an update to make cardano-wallet compatible with node v.1.33, which includes a stake pool desirability score to improve the stake pool ranking system in Daedalus.

The team also worked on performance improvements and technical debt in cardano-wallet, and continued design work for a cardano-js-sdk MVP.


This week, the team worked on babbage transactions, reduced the memory of the ledger state, and completed the ledger code profiling. They also resolved several community requests relevant to cardano-cli and serialization library activities.

The Hydra team continued working on the on-chain verification to ensure that Hydra Heads are properly secured using Plutus scripts. This includes verifying multi-signatures, serialization, and hashing of UTXOs as agreed in a Head off-chain. The team also profiled script execution costs to determine whether or not a hard-fork will be necessary.


The Plutus team worked on both regression and comparison tests for generic implementations and Plutus type classes. They also made updates to PartialTypeSignatures for GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) support. Additionally, the education team launched the third cohort of the Plutus Pioneers program this week.

The Marlowe team continued working on the Marlowe Playground and Marlowe Run, and ran some documentation tests making fixes to the Marlowe CLI. They also updated the ACTUS CEG contract type and its documentation, and finally, adapted the ISDA DAML generator to Haskell.