Status Update

January 7, 2022

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After some well-earned downtime over the holiday period, the team is steadily heading back to work, and projects are starting to return to their regular cadence. This week’s report is shorter than usual, regular service will resume next week!


This week, the team finished updating the trezor-connect dependency to the latest version. They also worked on receiver address validation to prevent users from sending ada to rewards addresses, performed a cardano-node and wallet backend version update, and upgraded packages.

Finally, they worked on rewards display improvements, RTS flags preparation, Typescript SDK development, Typescript codebase migration, analytics implementation, and wallets sorting.


This week, the team kept working on the technical debt accumulated in cardano-wallet during 2021, and designing the cardano-js-sdk MVP.


After a positive start - and a short break over the holiday period – work will now resume on the testing of the semi-public P2P network in collaboration with a small group of SPOs.


The team has continued to carefully monitor network performance over the Holiday period and during this week, in anticipation of a node upgrade (and project launches) in January.


This week, the team worked on the hard fork combinator and mempool in preparation for the next steps in UTXO HD integration.


This week, the Plutus team simplified some retaining data types and made some improvements to parsing errors. They also started documenting optimization techniques for scripts.

The Marlowe team worked on scoping their product releases and roadmap as well as a series of new blog posts.