Status Update

March 25, 2022

Status Updates (March, 2022) > March 25, 2022


This week, the team resolved the issue that affected Daedalus's installation on the latest macOS Monterey (v.12.3) and improved the PDF addresses export function using the QR code. They also tested and integrated the upcoming hardware wallet ledger-js v.5.0 for a future release.


This week, the team worked on updating cardano-wallet to node v.1.34.1. Also, they continued working on a new transaction workflow to add token minting and burning.

Finally, they worked on redesigning the DB layer, added a "light" mode in cardano-wallet, and also worked on the cardano-js-sdk MVP.


This week, the team worked on error handling and resolved some issues related to old IP addresses in DNS. They also improved the performance properties of IOSim and continued working on diffusion simulations.


This week, the team worked on the hard fork combinator era transition logic to account for tables that are spontaneously filled (eg. UTXO tables when transitioning from Byron to Shelley). They started investigating the performance properties of the UTXO HD version of the node, merged the pipelining design, and worked on its implementation plan.

The Hydra team held a hackathon in Lyon, where they connected the first hydra-node to the public Cardano testnet. They also experimented with an example DApp using the Hydra Heads protocol and launched a new Hydra Head protocol website. It includes a user manual, core concepts overview, topologies, and an API reference.


This week, the Plutus team worked on an explanation of the version type, improved the debugging experience, and updated the core specification. Additionally, they updated 'BuiltinRuntime' to store the costing function and added an exponent function for integers to the prelude. This week, the team also made an update proposal that will trigger an increase in per-block Plutus script memory units limit from 56M to 62M. This incremental adjustment is the latest in a continuing series of optimizations and increases to network capacity that are being made as Cardano continues to scale in 2022 for future growth.

The Marlowe team extended the option examples in marlowe-contracts to run on Oracle inputs and enabled the specification of barrier options in marlowe-contracts based on oracle inputs.

Finally, they added a script to run marlowe-cli with a template for the covered call and fixed an issue that prevented contract nicknames from being preserved.