Status Update

November 19, 2021

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This week, the team improved Scrum ceremonies and fixed some issues with ledger support on Linux. They also made progress working on the Discreet Mode feature and continued migrating the codebase to TypeScript.


This week, the team issued a significant update for cardano-wallet, introducing new endpoints designed for decoding, balancing, signing, and submitting Plutus transactions in a pre-release mode. While the features are complete, the team needs to run real e2e scenarios on testnet to confirm stability.


This week, the team finalized reviewing the P2P master and cardano-node branches. They continued working on P2P simulation tests by improving counter tests, and reordered outbound governor actions. Finally, the team worked on estimating block propagation delay based on timing data available in the chain-sync protocol.


This week, the team merged the stake distribution calculation PR and are now monitoring network performance; the reward calculation PR is in review. The team continued working on new data structures to enable better stake credential sharing and wrote multiple property tests for its assessment. They also progressed on stake credential maps fusing and significantly improved the Alonzo specification.

Work is ongoing on Hydra development; the team continued working on the Hydra Head lifecycle, presented the project plan to stakeholders, and resolved a couple of GitHub issues.


This week, the Plutus team worked on benchmarking tests. They also updated the PlutusTx error codes and messages in troubleshooting, edited the minting policy tutorial, and enhanced chain index configurations as well as script and redeemer tables. Finally, the team worked through Plutus use cases.

The Marlowe team upgraded repositories to PureScript 0.14, worked on Marlowe CLI, and manually deployed the minimal contract to testnet. Work is ongoing on Marlowe PAB updates and the proof of concept for connecting to Nami.

Both the Plutus and Marlowe teams held in person team planning workshops this week.