Status Update

November 26, 2021

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This week, the team released Daedalus v.4.5.1, introducing an improved voting screen layout that features continuous registration for Catalyst projects and footer links. The new version also adds a pool over-saturation warning and a Discreet Mode feature.

Finally, the team continued migrating the codebase to TypeScript.


This week, the team worked on bug-fixing, and spent some time analyzing the technical debt of cardano-wallet to prepare this component to support the Cardano product roadmap in 2022.

They also worked on developing the cardano-js-sdk, a new component to support light wallet solutions.


This week, the team continued working on P2P functionality and merged P2P master branches that will be included in the upcoming node release. However, not all the components have been yet properly verified in simulation. This work will continue in the short- and mid-term. For this reason, we don’t yet advise running such nodes in production systems on mainnet.

The team worked on the enhanced upstreamness metric, which has been tested and implemented on P2P nodes deployed on mainnet. They also fixed the P2P connection manager pruning implementation so it would not exceed the hard limit of inbound connections.

Finally, the team continued working on diffusion simulation, reviewed different PRs, and improved some testing components.


This week, the team worked on finalizing the stable environment for converting AGIX ERC20 tokens from Ethereum to Cardano and vice versa. They improved some infrastructure configurations, enhanced security properties, and are now in the process of final testing. The team also updated tutorials in preparation for the release, and planned a new demo walkthrough.


This week, the team deployed the new reward calculation feature, worked on the ledger events that will be used by DB Sync, and resolved several issues regarding the incremental stake distribution calculation.

They continued investigating stake credentials for memory reduction and added property tests for the KeyMap data structure. More progress was made to improve the compact TxOuts and to add new tracing that enables calculation of the execution time of Plutus scripts.

Additionally, the team cleaned up some ledger code, found and started resolving an address serialization issue, and continued working on stake credential maps fusing.

Work is ongoing on Hydra development; the team swapped a Hydra node to use a real Cardano node on a devnet (removing the mock chain) and continued working on the master branch PRs.


This week, the Plutus team updated Hackage and removed a few unnecessary constraints as a result of the recent release of monoidal-containers. They also made various profiling improvements and investigated the long compilation time of Plutus scripts. The team also released an updated version of the PAB which includes some fixes and enhancements to the chain index and data storage. They updated PAB documentation and made some changes to the outputs of unbalanced transactions.

The Marlowe team worked on actions from last week’s team workshop as well as the Marlowe roadmap and planning for the Marlowe Pioneer Program. Additionally, they made some minor updates to the tutorial and README files.